My Health Care Program

The ongoing debate over health care has overlooked my very simple solution. What is missing is a discussion whether health care is a right. I say it is, and that there should be no compromise on that. Everyone is entitled to health care, period end of story. My proposal to deliver it is as follows and should be in the form of an Amendment to the US Constitution

1. All persons lawfully present in the United States are entitled to all medically necessary necessary health care.
2. “Medically Necessary” is as determined by the patient’s Primary Care Physician. It includes dental care and tattoo removal. The only exclusion is plastic surgery not necessitated by injury or illness.
3. All patients are entitled to a Primary Care Physician of their choosing who is licensed to practice in the jurisdiction in which services are rendered.
4. All health care providers will be compensated in accordance with the Official Medical Fee Schedule, no more, no less. All health care providers must accept the Official Medical Fee Schedule as payment in full and cannot deny care based on financial grounds.
5. The Official Medical Fee Schedule is determined by a Medical Fee Board, consisting of 21 persons. 10 are chosen from representatives of the health care industry, 10 are chosen from ordinary citizens. The Secretary of Health and Human Services chairs the Board and serves ex-officio. The Board is assisted by staff.
6. A Health Care Tax pays for health care. The health care tax is levied on income and is progressive with rates ranging from .1% to 15%, and is collected in the same way as the personal income tax. This tax replaces the Medicare tax, all health insurance premiums, part of workers comp premiums, and private payments to providers.
7. Healthcare receives priority as to all public expenditures as a matter of law.
8. The rationing of health care is prohibited.
9. The use of tobacco is illegal in every place except entirely within a private personal residence with no minors present.
10. Congress shall have the power to regulate and tax the sugar, fat, and salt content of food for human consumption.
This addresses pretty much all the issues. But because it is a RATIONAL solution, not based on politics, I doubt if it would ever pass.