Ministry Opportunities


This vitally important ministry spreads the Good News about Saint Cecilia Catholic Community to the local area, letting everyone know who and where we are, and encouraging people to join us. Speak with Deacon Sharon Kay Talley.

Stewardship Ministers

Churches, like all communities, have bills to pay! Also, vital needs exist beyond our walls to assist those without housing, food, medical care, and education. These ministers grow, cultivate and allocate the time, talent and treasure of the community to facilitate fundraising within the church community itself and from the wider community in which it is situated. Speak with Deacon Sharon Kay Talley.

Pastoral Ministers

After Sunday Mass and at other times, these ministers visit with, and if requested, take Holy Communion to those who for whatever reason are unable to be present at our usual celebrations. We offer this ministry to those in hospice care, private residences, and nursing homes as well as other injured, infirm, or dispossessed persons. Speak to Deacon Sharon to participate in this ministry.


Office Ministers

A church requires substantial administrative work to prepare the Service Booklet, handle inquiries from interested persons, send out email and paper correspondence, dealing with vendors, and bookkeeping. Much, but not all, of this work can be done at a computer working from home. The ministry does require substantial computer literacy. See the Pastor for details.